The Battle Ground YMCA                 Task Force

In the winter of 2013, a group of committed Battle Ground residents began meeting to address areas of need and concern in North Clark County. After months of gathering input and researching potential partnerships, it was agreed that a YMCA/Battle Ground partnership would offer valuable connections and resources for our growing community. School and city officials, business owners, club directors and citizens have all collaboarted to bring us to this point. The YMCA task force is a community sponsored group, it has no formal connection with the YMCA.

Our Vision for the Battle Ground YMCA is Threefold:

  • a safe, fun, and accessible gathering place for children, youth, adults, and seniors
  • a place of opportunity for cross-generational connection and development
  • a collaborative project linking multiple internal and external community resources and services

The YMCA of the Columbia-Willamette.

The YMCA has a long history of community engagement and transformation.

It's mission – To put the principles of love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

It's three focus areas – Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility

Current research shows that YMCA facilities can promote collaboration and connection in diverse communities

In addition, providing opportunities for community recreation can increase: Physical Health, Mental Health, Social Function, and Youth Development

The YMCA of the Columbia-Willamette serves over 50,000 community members in the Columbia-Willamette region.